The Vitamix Blender

Most people are aware of the awesome power of the Vitamix Blender. It’s used by professional chefs in their restaurants, home enthusiasts to create homemade master pieces and juice bars rely on the Vitamix for consistent juices they can serve to their customers.

The Vitamix is only limited in terms of what you can come up with your imagination. From creamy soups to juices that can be made in a snap, there is no bounce the Vitamix can’t step by. If your such for ideas, most models ship with a 70 plus recipe book.

If you are after pure juice, you can always run the liquid through a cloth strainer – such as those you’d use to strain coffee. If you think this will be a regular thing for you, purchase a cloth you can wash in your skin. This way you’ll keep your costs down.

The best thing about using your vitamix juicer is that you’ll know exactly what goes into your creation. No added sugar for those looking to cut back, no preservatives added to make the product last longer and all the nutrients will be in your creation – not cooked out by the manufacturer.

Many people know of the awesome results and the extra high price tags that comes with the brand. Most don’t know that all the parts are made in the USA and blenders are manufactured in the good old USA. This is how they are able to offer their amazing 7-year warranty.

If you find the cost is too steep, you can always opt for a refurbished model. Each unit that is returned to the factory goes through a rigorous check list, before resold. Once repaired, each unit is given new accessories such as the jug, blades and cups. Why not pick one up today?

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